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Room Additions, commonly refered to as California Rooms can add valuable space
to your existing home, often times utilizing existing awnings and decking.
Space for a growing family, new home office, or a guest bedroom, whatever the reason,
a patio enclosure can allow you to create a room that compliments your needs.

This particular project started with an old existing awning with a small deck and a screen room
that had been negelected over the years and was quite deteriorated

1) First an insulated cap roof was placed over the existing awning to provide better protection and stop condensation.

2) Next a new 1 1/8" plywood deck was joined to the existing deck.
Supported by new steel piers placed on pressure treated pads when not on concrete.

3) Once the deck is in place the walls constructed of an EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) Foam Core
are cut to fit and placed in a heavy duty extruded aluminum framework.
California rooms are required to have 50% windows, these openings are provided with
Aluminum frames with dual pane windows, Low-E, tempered and single pane and tinted windows are available..

4) This room was then provided with 1/2" rebound padding and new carpet.
Some owners will use vinyl flooring or laminate flooring such as Quickstep or Pergo.

5) Electrical outlets, phone, ethernet, and cable lines are the finishing touches inside.

6) New turf carpet is attached to the exposed section of the existing deck, the old handrail
was re-used on the new step of steps, Vinyl skirting is placed along the base of the deck to
provide a beautiful finish to this room addition.


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